Achieve operational excellence with a customer-oriented culture resulting in improved service quality, efficiency and lower costs.

Lean IT is about maximizing customer value and the flow of that value through end-to-end value streams. Lean IT creates the basis for an agile and DevOps way of working. Lean IT focuses on the continuous improvement of IT delivery processes by minimizing waste. Simply put, Lean is about creating more value with fewer resources. Implementing Lean increases IT productivity by an average of 25% within 12 months. In addition, your IT department can work more effectively and transparently, and becomes more relevant to your business colleagues or customers.

Improving IT Using Lean Principles
Lean IT is the application of Lean principles to all aspects of IT. Lean IT can be applied to IT service management, software development, project management and operational practices. We can help you implement Lean IT to maximize customer value and minimize waste. We use sound principles, tools and methods from both Lean and Six Sigma to help you achieve your IT goals.
Lean IT Measurement and Metrics
Traditional IT service management tends to use extensive metrics to assess different aspects of processes. This provides a lot of detail, but makes it difficult to determine which metrics are most important to the end outcomes. The KPIs identified in a Lean IT approach focus on performance, desired results and how to achieve them without losing sight of the processes.
Lean Leadership in IT
Transforming an organization is not only about adding new technology. To make a successful and sustainable change, you need to demonstrate inspiring behavioral change. Lean Leadership in IT fosters the development of a culture of driving continuous improvement and helping others to improve. We can help you improve your organization through efficient and effective leadership.
Lean IT Continuous Improvement
We help our clients to implement continuous improvement practices. This includes establishing a Kaizen mindset supported by the DMAIC problem-solving method. By embedding a continuous improvement culture and problem-solving skills, IT organizations can make processes such as problem management much more effective.
Lean Visual Management
Visual Management is a Lean best practice used to inform and involve all resources in the process, quickly allowing them to ultimately understands what is under control and what is not. We help you implement effective and tailored Lean Visual Management to ensure you understand where your IT teams and organization stand as a whole, at any given moment.
Lean IT Association (LITA)
The Lean IT Association (LITA) is a non-profit association founded with the broader purpose of introducing a global standard for Lean IT education and certification through a standardized body of knowledge. LITA believes that Lean ‘thinking and acting’ should be an integral part of every IT organization and every IT professional’s toolkit.
Obeya for Lean Performance Management
A key element of Visual Management isObeya (Japanese for “big room”). Obeya is a Lean concept that focuses on setting up a physical space where you strategize and plan your projects. Obeya helps you to generate ideas, collaborate with management and stakeholders, and gain a full overview of the projects and any problems that need to be resolved.
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