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There are an increasing number of crowdfunding platforms offering a diverse range of ways to attract capital for your project, social enterprise or business. Crowdfunding is different to mainstream business to business finance in that the people (or Crowd) tend to be individuals with their own backgrounds, experiences, likes and dislikes. Building a successful pitch and communication plan is perhaps more about developing a compelling and authentic story that engages with the crowd than just the business plan and numbers.

Crowdfunding Prelaunch & Live Campaign Promotion
We provide an intelligently coded, beautifully designed landing page for pre-crowdfunding promotions and email signups with options for social media posts to hundreds of thousands of quality fans.
Live Crowdfunding Campaign Promotion & Amplification

If your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign is currently live, we can quickly join the team to promote, advertise and optimize your crowdfunding project.

Crowdfunding Post-Order Websites & Marketplace

We provide eCommerce websites for successful campaigns to graduate from expensive crowdfunding platform fees while also increasing confidence with a preorder website.

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